Small Weddings Explained!

October 3rd, 2020

So you are interested in having a small wedding, but where do you start? There are so many types of weddings like - “micro”, “tiny”, “intimate”, “pop up” “elopement“- it’s hard to make sense of it all.

“Small wedding” is an umbrella term for a few different types of weddings. Generally speaking there are three main categories: Mini, Micro, and Elopement. While the differences are small, they can have a big impact on your guest list and budget. I am  going to break each one down for you so you can figure out which kind of small wedding is right for you.

All of my packages are for the types below are per hour. If you are looking for all day coverage go to this page for package information.

Mini Wedding

A mini wedding - commonly referred to as an intimate or small wedding - is a wedding with less than 50 people that still has all the elements of a traditional wedding, just on a smaller scale. It typically involves the ceremony, a meal, and entertainment over the course of several hours. Mini weddings aren’t new but they are gaining in popularity as couples prioritize their guests’ experience. A mini wedding doesn’t necessarily mean a mini budget however, since it requires all of the vendors and planning a larger wedding entails. For this type of small wedding you can go per hour as in the packages below or go to my full day wedding packages page.

Micro Wedding

Micro weddings are the hottest new wedding trend. Often called tiny weddings, a micro wedding is a stripped-down version of a traditional wedding with 30 or fewer guests. Micro weddings typically last two to three hours, which is just long enough to have your ceremony followed by drinks and light bites, with some photos to mark the occasion. Packages below


The smallest of the small weddings, an elopement is two people jetting off to get married with an officiant and maybe a photographer, often last minute and without family and friends knowing. Elopements don’t contain any aspects of a traditional wedding except a ceremony. Many couples elope to the courthouse for a civil ceremony.  Packages below